About Kevin Staines

My name is Kevin Staines. I was born in 1979 and I’ve spent my whole life in Stockton-on-Tees.

Being allowed to explore my surroundings as a child, I was always connected with the natural world and looking back I seemed to spend most of my exploration time in the woods.  If I wasn’t up a tree or hunting for pond life, I spent time closely inspecting the nature around me -the true beauty of which was often missed through my child eyes.  Nevertheless, the bits of debris I brought home with me on a daily basis, was often much to my mothers delight. 

Life moved on, and after my schooling, I started my working life as an apprentice joiner in 1996.  Following in the footsteps of my father, grandfather and great grandfather, who like myself were all practical and trained craftsmen.

After spending many years on building sites, in 2014 I started my own little joinery business.  I found myself taking on lots of interesting jobs and also making various products for markets and craft fairs.  It was a fast learning curve and a great challenge to my ability. 

As my skills have developed and my desire to make things has not yet extinguished, I now find myself reconnected with my past through once again inspecting closely the beauty of wood, now with the excitement of what it can create.